Here I will collect the scripts I use to run large networks, do
surveillance, configure etc, the scripts parses logs, logs in to routers
checks routingtables etc etc

Fredrik Widells scripts, commandlinescript to login to cisco/zebra-routers and do configurations in a powerful easy way, script to parse syslogs from ciscorouters and send mail when bad things happen in the network, script to check the isis routingtable in ciscorouters and send mail when routes are added or removed, script to check the bgp-announcements of your customers and send mail when prefixes are added or removed a whois-daemon that outputs bgp, aka lookingglass via whois, in bourne-shell a simple generic whois-client for domains, no need to remember which whois-server holds a tld.

more scripts will follow later, in perl and bourne-shell

Björn Danielssons scripts

bd-scripts, Here a collegue of mine (Björn Danielsson) will publish weird scripts :)